Dale's Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life

Friday, October 20th


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Whose look did you lover as I guess some ways to spice up pure love London came a day early. So on if that every gag eight years of marriage I not I don't know moms listen and hit it the same old same thought it was. If disables labels not work and try some of this track chocolate making class together. Susan. Food. Try something physical physical activity any physical activity can do together like touch football. But I didn't really. And make your own line your beard together. The guys look you are doing that beer making you know and we had them for. You like doing that. It was Google work its it's very time in temperature sensitive and you have to get just right we did get we did your job we made an IPA in. Go to an old school arcade together yes you know those are so much fun it would do we don't have one year it is but it wears what downtown greens are. It has all the pins all the space invaders rank you went on a date aired in EDT Kelcy there. Yeah it it was a magical we went there twice all those great we look good idea actually trigger a home run but the actually beat me Mortal Kombat. ET to colonel. And that's the beauty resort at ruined all of us here at. Go horseback riding together and exit at programs who. Go together to a trivia night honorable this is a bad idea and I'll tell you why b.'s 39 not. That's a man finger thing yeah. The younger Al Jean trivia. Yeah came through they play trivia but the problem is is like you get to people who are you would be the be disaster Peter Cook too competitive. If you go in and year each one of you wants to be that one would all the answers to ones already high strung I don't know that would bring it close on higher ground. And Q try improbable lessons received classes re learn how to enter and they're saying. Yeah when beef is still very embarrassing try skeet shooting a risky shooting. And I let alone skeet shoot cancel a fund. Dance class of course ballroom dancing this time your luck you'll sign up for ballroom dancing so they're ready for. You know the holiday parties in new animals that might be a good are you ready for the here's a big and take massage classes together on my eyes and Rhea. They work on the side like those arcade game playing that's a good idea.