Dale's Dating Profile - According to Corie

Wednesday, February 14th


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One of us in this room woke up this morning. With a little bit more cheer in his validate his heart shaped heart that he began and then look to that's that's. Yeah in the closet already. And so I'd put up a video with a question on and the wolf it's a grand page appeal follows a is rammed into it it's fun. And anyway I put it a video of lives all of what are out as well or rare and today in asked if deal looks like he is ready for love. We've been asking you about this for awhile now. And we decided it really you kind of decided this for us this morning when you got dressed 75%. Of people who've gone door it's a grand. Agreed that you're ready for love now. And yeah. Now so we've put together dating profile free no he asks so. I should never worn this picture does run a couple of the live via things by you just to make sure we got it right actors I mean we've RD person dismiss it out there anger live I says 75% of our our listeners say that you're ready for love in sleazy nature and that's based on this video you put up to than how we act you can just eat blood is radiating from jail time at the okay state your birthday. July 6 I thought that's OK and so that makes year your assign it to cancer. And that's on the old chart on the new Charlie I changed and you don't recognize I don't know I did not recognize your. Harry it's a cancer is the water sign which means that they have they had a deep mysterious side today and we also can be gentle and her trying. Most of in the past chosen Earth's biggest together we've made mud. I think I was gonna arrive are living on top five movies rocky rocky team rocky three. Rocky floor and Breakfast at Tiffany's I thought yup yup I did. Top five songs mister mister berg at winged. Ray Stevens the streets are. Yeah yeah. That Carly just been girl call me maybe. Cisco the bonds on the course and flavor of Oklahoma no don't get a Garth Brooks for intimately since then favorite food steamed fish is it would seem. That's an inside joke under. Favorite tree doctor pepper half regular half diet if I. Got to help Dodgers guys and wiretap and have a favorite adult beverage but like I'm. Every I think that the the. Favorite vacation spot. Washington Missouri home of the world's largest I don't see anything that does the interview and it actually exists yeah. Actor that will plea deal in a movie. Jeff Goldblum. First series god really has and yeah that's it you can hear. If he she is you can choose as super power what would be obviously the ability to fly this as I was asking you yesterday randomly if he's already doing in an act dale. What he would use his super power for how would ease it for good idea is or was to skip 52 year. If you think it round picture favorite quote leave the hoop jumping to me. Favorite thing to say don't let the fifth Wiki printed an idea particularly now unity that. Usually even you've got me that's right at his hobbies are you less because it shepherd's pie hit any good for want to quickly ten miles and then finally. This is a caption of Dale's perfect date are you ready and a PQ and a nine Nissan Altima. You get in their candles in the car you say isn't that dangerous and again yes spelling danger we go to your favorite restaurant and we had a fantastic mail. Would come outside and see my car is on fire. You get your car on fire aren't you upset. A pull out a bag of marshmallows again no news is going to happen. And thank you see your friend of mass burning aren't. Like an alum I got this idea. He's ready I. Maybe it's that would twelve you've got a lot of work him of that and new medium that's what you spend your whole day on. Leaving nothing done after Valentine's Day.