Dad's Heart Donor Wedding

Monday, August 8th


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I Carolina it's clay in Korea the wake of cool show this story is going to require them. But load of tissues. Are now bringing don't. This is just incredible. So. This girl. For dad. She lost her dad back in 2006. He was tragically murdered and he donated his organs including his heart. And this guy or author Thomas have been waiting for sixteen years of war while our hearts. On Friday. The man's daughter Jenny felt her father's heartbeat for the first time in ten years. As the man. Thumb. Guys if walked her down on the island are awaiting my. This is. An interest in articles are original girl but don't college with last weekend win low college reunion you and and seen her in ten years. And Shiite she had received a new or. Wow I don't know that like Seattle lost to always be blue chip like a really wicked scar and I heard her say something like a real wanna write a letter to. The family they gave me the heart and he says he's do soon buddy thing and it didn't know you got a new part. So when I saw this this morning Israel really an incredible for me who by the way is not an organ transplant. Donor mom wanna change when my licenses up because. I can't imagine now how someone else's life to be impacted so much by getting something incredible like this. Re a Philly it's the story is so who amazing because he lives on you know like your heart we like to thank you your heart is like this interview that's where your. Where your gumption comes from and your compassion in it lives on in my gosh that's anchor agree. And she had never met the guy before they have been emailing and they're writing letters and things like that but she essence a K look you know since that can't walk down the aisle that would you. So she you know so the video is in pretty neat and all trailer from our website she pushes her hand up on his testing yourself. Crazy that so look and everything else to go wrong today but when you realize that there people still out there like this yeah. Are willing to give their all. Making an awesome day here on the war field. I had no moon.