Dads Do the Tough Stuff

Thursday, October 19th


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Carolina country not if you on the wolf are trying to give a shout out to my dad. He from the haven't over the weekend I appearance. One of their dogs past the in its its Otis is his name and he we had him for the ages fifteen. So this was this named after the Garfield gore was just a coincidence I think it my parents. We named dogs based on what we think they look like and he just looked like an artist with content OT for short. Aaron. Anyway he is one of our our favorite weird dogs he's such a weird as he always acted he came in and out of rooms telling Kramer. Online I don't how he comes inning he's old tunnel like shook up and and he just enters the rim yeah that's really what's his personalities and anyway it is passed away and you know it got easy game. Even as an adult I'm 32 years old. And I lost a lot of heads over the years my dad always candles. Yeah he always takes care of it so whenever we have whether it said a dog or a Guinea pig my dad always takes the pet. Takes out to the Lloyds and there is it yeah. In it just is telling. Started thinking about how I can never do that I can never be the wind to do that and that's gonna happen in my house we're gonna lose pets. It's the day that's what dads do yeah and justice that's just one of those jobs that dads do you know we. We have a farm and there we we lost a number of different animals and small to large horses. You know cats dogs. Juror bowl right college. All that stuff because to kids were trial these pets you know when you don't wanna say no lead there's a lot and underline it fares will not have any fair yeah aid into that getting one anyway. Companies now get oh and then you know there was a juror bowl who would get out. Pray you find the same. And you know the dogs and cats all how many times I definitely think it's something is not easy is when those things that. That you got to do the next day it just went. It is and so over the course of my life I can't count. On both pain and the number of times that he had to be the wind. To go win. Getting animal because we won't even go in there with I can't even go in there right in my mom couldn't look Soledad at their house whenever. Otis passed away they knew that it was common he'd been pretty stake in that was my missing three is make them comfortable. And so my dad goes home from work gets and this is taking care of whenever mom mom gets home and I wish I say it's taken so. Later in the day my mom says issues in an cajun and they're kind of having trouble they want to don't want to talk about that Otis is gone she sees my dad come home from the store with hours. He walked him out there into the woods to cheat and you think he was gonna put a mark on the grave. Yeah. You know there's this does though those are those things where EZ you know may be dead doesn't want. You dad can't show that you know I'm saying he never Nellie always just it's old it's in here mom and they're getting you're gonna cry in your mom's gonna cry and he's just not gonna do it. Yen my dad had a similar thing we had a dog by the name of Coca. Mao's little errors sorry that was that was another time we had dog running scooter she's like to ride around an art form or Gator six will Gator. Until the ban all easily run in the Gator man yeah ours did loved it loved it and then one day she. Got older pass actually she passed it by car. And Dan had a ticker up in the dictator and he came back I'll Selassie died he said I gave one last try in the Gator. At suspicion there's something about dad's been able to just handle that staff. They've admitted that maybe that's a strength that dad gets given because you know god says you can indeed your kidney damage any different yesterday yeah he put it in the file it's gonna it's it's gonna work for you when you don't work for pray this boy and I guess I know I'm sure handed. And you know it's not for the last one it was a German shepherd. You know and abuse that system is it was a is a big dog. And you know I know I know exactly what you're talking about. So yeah that's what dad's did so good I'm glad you took time to give you data in to the info yes and so who's in there Wear hats. Yup or actually the lowest Cardigans were sure everybody knows what did. The bad for doing what he does.