Could You Use a Phone That Doesn't Call, Just Texts and Has Internet?

Friday, October 20th


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301 all. O'Brien Torre and chase your way to with a wolf Korea poses an interesting question earlier if you can only keep the phone the phone function on your phone or the messaging texting application on your phone we want which one would you keep own function more than messaging texting function I knew immediately what Corey would say is she would keep the messaging text well. Here's the thing narrow like the more adult he become the more like business related calls you have to make a light whenever I call my Internet provider every single day that I can't text them to get as and tactic now and service that Internet I have put call could you were. Time you know it is to be more effective maybe two calls so I think it for business services or for adult purposes you have to have however texting is for sure my per like preferred method of communication always is still like talking and I do you know Ali tunnel on I rarely used the phone and I I won't do it unless you're like at a -- remember. Yet just like the other night she faced kind Meehan ninth early nineties heated it was an accident on her. About a year phone. Or message. And I had to do with phone you know obviously I miss the day eased. As a whole with the land line no you dole is or do you really wanna be like you have to stay inside your house especially whenever there imported phones while think he's saying we go back to just having an. Own they've. Hear a lot of very hears appeals of my parents don't have a house on same phone number that we've had since I was probably five in memorized my first phone number that's right they still have it in do you know that it's I can't get either my appearance on their cell phones. I called my house phone. In nine hands at a ten they can't find it. They don't know. They hear you mean here they are hearing it because you say you have a phone and you have Jack's everywhere to put on there are a cordless. And so I finally get my mom on her cell phone he should like yeah I heard the house honoring Nike and they are telemarketers like to use land lines. The call now they have your cellphone into the and it's it's like you and even appear on the no call list you're still getting cold. By these companies to if I opt out of every once I get a chance and opt out do this. I always do it but I almost still in that get them. Hey this is so truth and resorts are Beaulieu and I hate you but you know people you come you never answer the phone right let me tell you I can remember a time when everybody in the hell would break their neck to get yeah. And they would break their neck to get to the phone and a little caller ID you know it was going to be on. Alia that people have you ever find it kind of odd that even though we do have caller ID now he's silly if I know is Jesus calling me Jose. Also say hello yeah yeah I like I don't know I need is like hey chase. Like. Some two things one the first time I saw call IDR home vials like. What witchcraft is heads. And then to remember when you were younger in your rulings that phone call from that special person. You're just a way Indonesia as a phone ringing like. Isn't really the best thing that ever happened to Paris was it was the whole cell phone system because now. You teenagers don't type your phone talking to their grains or boyfriend for. I lose my DSL alert and you're dial up anyway on wall. And gays because I can remember time and again talking to girlfriends and add it sees less sister talkative boyfriends the solution used to be so whatever I was a feet twelve or thirteen my parents got me a second line. Oh no we hope is I. Now cellphones more I mean there were cell phones Amman had one like this Zack Morris look info from saved by the bell and then my dad had a bag followed it was like in a bats right the Carlin yes but I don't know that was still the main communications they got me in my own. Own line. I ask about that one time and my mom hit me so hard her phone ring mixing. No we're not getting along and are you crazy. Dogs can be a dirty look when we get involved you get on this right they'll look at 830 now the walls.