Corie's Over-the-Shoulder Bolder Holder

Wednesday, December 13th

Corie takes a trip to Atlanta to visit the In-Law's and forgets to pack something VERY important!


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Back from traveling over the weekend I didn't dues squawk. This week. I barely left home you barely changed your life where I pride I cooked all my favorite foods they ate them a dual wandering about. It will poking around so I ask sweet potato casserole this weekend. It was like eating candy this topples a little crash. It's you gear. Brown sugar front you lost obviously McCain. Play and I don't know why you know I wish that I did that a don't. How which is like and you're like human ranchers and no I tried I tried every which way. And had a at Thanksgiving it's just I don't I. Roger we end it there has he's an audio out there that does it's we dated if you do do not call leader not only are backed up. Thanks we just normal we wanna labeled her as Riordan wall. So she goes out of town this week and right she goes to her in laws house. You know the huge hole organized assault pack sugary together yes it a little bit of laying on the bed system yes but. Corey over how I know I missed a vital. Piece of the year like today she jewelry only vital so why don't you tell us about that until. Our aid so that's against Panetta not a phone charger on the idea that when every year traveling in the car you wanna be comparable. So it's not uncommon to just put Ryan likes what pay and the switcher. And Blake a sports bra gal like her is she for guns and what is it you're comfortable just as sports bra. So I knew that I was gonna be run in the Turkey trot on Thursday morning we left Wednesday morning so I knew. RM is enormous sports bra on Wednesday Thursday will run the race and then I'll come back to the house and we ran her race. Came back to the house and we take shower and I go to you get dressed for Thanksgiving get people coming over in like in minutes our guy just enough time to get ready. And a realist I'd not packed up. Not a single. Line. And it's Thanksgiving they're people they're cooking their people outside now in the house slow. Your next move as one. Try to find something. That I can Wear that is. Extremely obvious because when you got the sports brawn you've got the union dues and you dislike and in shelled if you will in it was so anyway because I just on the Turkey dry then I borrowed Owen well I. That's the thing the only other woman in the house as my mother in law he was shaped very different than me. Despite what you may believes. No two are the same. And you skeptic is somebody else's they're not a setup of experiments. Sit back. I think the holes I know that yes. So I tried that added it was a terrible idea where we are not the same in any capacity Gillis in UK uses storm I want and those are varying comfortable will you can't do it on Thursday morning. Thanksgiving morning everything is clay is crying. There was literally nothing I can get into a Friday. I was just free of the third until Friday. I did I did the wind your watch the sports bra out tonight yeah. I watch sports bra and they would have put that back all right Friday and then it was so we keep. So I did go Black Friday shopping but it was only for one item it was to buy your product that the rest of the weekend. I can keep our girls end. Keep everybody in either di Leo W try them on the department there. If it weren't presenting review drama you you can't just buy something and expect for to fit I'm telling you I'm saying. What I think to the same I mean even your team may not be the same so you really have to try to mine and as it has been uncomfortable situation to heat and an in one of the number I mean. You know if you for your phone charger or you forget your champ here are some of these dropping the you can easily bar it from someone and suffer through right again but this is something that theory audience that he did not have it be like if we law if we didn't pack underwear because audio into their days are just gonna blow up all day and I don't know pelican that Ian. You know it if you didn't happen and you didn't have underwear on under Europeans are now know what he did it would be able to tell me why did you right now. I don't have it but if I didn't have online. Adopt a top teeth you would you would definitely listening out this year how are setup my setup. What's up optical SP can't. It's given to somebody else's. It's. Geared to the economy I think Bette Midler coined the adults are set up over the shoulder boulder yeah. It's boring for an ounce W 61 way.