Thursday, August 31st


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Guys sometimes I come in this room. And I sit here. And I listened to. Conversations. Between. Chase. And glory. And I like. Wonder. Why well what are you talking about. So early here there's a discussion. About what a joy it is. And how there's actually a battle over who's gonna pull the plastic. Protective sheeting and all of a new item you know how when you get your phone it's got that piece of plastic over it or if you buy. An appliance it has been this. Oh return. Look there's nothing better there's nothing better so so it's that important that you get to do here well I was telling chase a story about how when I got this phone that I have. That Jack got a best buy it ain't interested in mind about the fallen in the person who sold it to meet. Pulled they got out of the box they just treating them yank it off for a quake in wit and just kind of preceded an enamel bill look at my face I'm sure was just. Says it dig out like memory you can execute just pulled my she often. He was like yes that the you know I need to use your phone app healthy. I'm aware that you need to step my phone happens you just pulled much off yeah did that and then us and about how. When my husband got a new TV couple years ago had an eagle she right across the front glass. And we both wanted to pull enough. There was no question about it it don't edit it became a contest it was like all right he told me you can have. That you know the luxury of pulling the sheet off but I get to do whatever else Aaron royalist. That he that was the deal it was almost as bargaining she show you had to make a deal yet it was a it was a it was a big bargaining chip that was you people. That protector author of the new TV but I get to be as I and armor. You know the best thing to pull off is that if you have a TV. Mind when I got it did have a protector of the screen instead it had. The classic that went around outside via the best is when you grab two in the top corner and you just pull analogous. Leoneans. Would. The isle yet of this though Blake don't do. The best thing in the world has pulled off the protector the worst thing the worst. Is never there's a sticker on something who many is not the kind you can just pull it leaves a residue in you have to like scrape it off forget Langley do you gone so. It always happens when you buy some kind of glassware or voice and picture frame right it's on there's like what are why would they got kind of blew. On a picture frame is the worst greens on the front that any and all this good luck. And you've got to use like the gunk off for summer yet I get that I'll always ask myself how much money did they really save. By using the cheap speakers there's not put on net the stickers you can just. Pull off the result brought this up possession of her video of this person taken Amir. Their pour molten plastic is nice and slow and as. Our faith that's criminal Harvick in the end they take their handy just go to their greasy. And I'm right on and there's nothing gives me more anxiety and at her for able and then district greasy hamper our guys we need to pre detail wrong. With six say no wolf. We need to prove him wrong that this is something that. Nine people have that I should be guy Scalia no way yet it's. Guess he's cares about pulling the plastic off the U. My neck is throbbing you're giving me some questions I don't. It you know because I won't there's a bulging not own neck minister and its tournament I will not make it to the next Clinton if you keep this. I just don't understand and what's I don't understand that's the thing if you've never done before and he just don't want to. Before he studies river are frightened away middle you'll wind meanwhile you remember savor them I feel your real slow there's nothing about it that makes me wanna Saber nothing. How dare you sir. I'd. This is the thing I hear so much and thanks to bad. Obama. Ads six in a little dale Bryan Corey you chased and we got into this discussion. About rip in the plastic sheeting that covered the protective covering that comes on phones and can help lose your home. And now the better and and big appliances like you bought a stainless steel refrigerator. They're huge. Pieces eventually pulled off and I guess for YouTube it's a thing yeah it is it's bargaining tool in my house adult New Guinea I am at Ari who get to pull off. And I swear. After you rip and all these smear your hand they hit it that's their game room best things to pull off six available what do you think alone. There I'm Colleen about the best Singapore law. What is my bra at the end of the day yeah. And earning don't rest again no easy thing to do it again you can't really carry an early.