Can't compete with free!

Tuesday, June 7th

Hard to have a yard sale when there's a pile of free stuff across the street - Jill suggests we try to be more like Belk.

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And neighbors here elegy on neighbors like this or not I think you do Jill we've talked about before that somehow or another the gallows across the road from me. On Friday night's game has this party. Any perceived to take his belongings and Thurman freight yard in a pile and I guess it's a free free stockpile. All our trash probably that's good no idea but it is not snake Moreno on emirates shipping gone. And you better read that the city can against solid my my other neighbor Richard texted me Saturday morning ex super super early years MM thirty are still together do you wanna do when I'm like yes. Top possibly stepping into the corner to curb. He did the same thing. Unbeknownst says that we're neighbor guy across the road had a wagered slashed growth every belonging out I don't understand I mean you could step two beds. Book cases cheers good stuff like me he loved dogs are down or did you know how hard it is. To have a yard sale any kind of productive anything when you have a three pile competing with the right across the call center. Here's what you shouldn't and come to my yard sale as a new year Richard. Our yard sale and you get a gift with purchase. That they should. We turn into the cosmetic counter Foulke got it. The same friendly setter wake cable show a lot of vortex used in a 99 for a four about the yard sale experience in the free trash pile across a broad. And I think you and I both missed out on this whole idea and in Richard my neighbor did too. Instead of us worrying in competing with a pile of free stuff and their body was taken through. Grants some of it should have gone over and her commitment. Or putting your still signing right in front his pile the guy was due hung over even come on sun eighty Wii console stuff out of his pile. Don't have a full power line do you want free come home.