Can Netflix Charge More for Weekend Binge Watching

Wednesday, May 17th


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From the this is irritating department. On a satellite cabinet department. Netflix is gonna do a weekend price hike they're experimenting with a it's already. The website national citizens Netflix is currently testing and you pricing system that will make it more expensive to binge you watched any of their programming on the weekend. It. Yes. Saddam gone home now and say hey then they're urging B would have been to watch during the week of wine I'll work. Via Australian. Newspaper claims the test is currently run Australia's Netflix customers their main charge anywhere from one dollar. 23 dollars more a month to binge watch on the weekend cnet's Australia all the things down there are strange water is dancing back or pasted it and aren't. I don't as to how they added they know that how they police that they they charge you up front. For that we could you. What this feature are I bet they the limit the amount of us. Ahead. They probably put it like McGovern on how many watch in a row on something minute today and maybe to add them. Maybe they're commercials. If you don't want a four man. I do not well here OK here's the question do you do it you pay a dollar three dollars more to have unlimited streaming on the weekend. B yeah you just do it or do you boycott and say no I will not pay more and losing money or sleep if you boycott. Please think about it it's like it's like an apple and they charge in 99 cents a month for light quadruple the iCloud storage but I. Yeah as devious five gay you do get and then you fill that up they say. Mario or another dollar or two so think about they're getting a dollar a month from billions. Of people all over the world yet. I think the revenues are generating just that ninety ninths it hit it right same thing year imagine the additional revenue does either sit in some meaning. And they're like if we just had he can extra million dollars where can we find charge every one dollar will do just like this some of the phone companies do on the Internet speed wolf one. We'll limit how much they can watch it once they've watched like three in a row it cuts off that's exactly what they're doing to date. Well if you think about it if you think about it Netflix really only has. One owner vs four profiles you have the person who owns the site are uneasy count impair site 12 and three is. Guys a password off and I ask though compares to. Yeah I don't like that because I do that. Mean especially when something comes out like some of their nation elect and house of cards comes out. I'm gone you David up and then just plain to sit at a likely eight or rant I got my tractor beams on and lock in on this thing through with errors. The days of mine I only say that I'm gonna why actually won an episode but would've happened is the next on a roll around and the public he was the first couple minutes. Of the next one just can get a feel for and then I'm separated. And also from that you're attending department the airlines. Are going to look at charging. You now a thirty dollar fee for children under two ceased to be able to take him in laps at him. Yeah now in charge you a thirty dollar fee. For every leg of the flight an extra ten dollars for international travels to. What am I getting for that thirty but no what are they giving me extra to help me with this under two chiles zero absolutely nothing. You're charging in charge of being under but he's doing it first when. There there. Are they distributing it evenly to the other passengers have to endure the flight and. I think you passed secure bundles that's where that white paper or did they either say you can either paying thirty dollars or we can put child in cargo on exactly.