Can I See Dolly At Graduation?

Tuesday, June 7th

Wanna know how to get Dolly to show up at your graduation?! Listen...

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We're in graduation season. And if you're looking for a commencement speaker I am available is I know you've got to have a celebrity Matt Damon spoken MIT's the other day. And actually own everybody to MIT and said look you also in my movie good run sucked in your student newspaper Yomiuri the reviews. How awkward would that be. A whole lot. Why we shouldn't do that Matt Damon. If you read David did you do whatever aren't I don't know how you want to worry about that at all he had me come. I'm like you know disputes swing together sends correctly. Yeah enjoy your computer diplomacy all been waiting in the gym I'm way too long in your odds when you pray drank too much well. I never know that Phoenix. Beyond mine University of Phoenix at a graduation. Graduation do all right on isn't all on line. Like and you stood for how to go to women are. Well I don't know are we as a right we all Skype in oh year old. The graduation season stuff is bunkers here and the and I didn't realize there rating Guilford County graduate to the coliseum how how it's school anymore. How about an ample into the coliseum last Friday for Dolly and they can die I did she was big Toshiba's Big Dig there a lot of cars. Place was packed. Dear we're cars every way air park jumps out of the streets and you know we go look there's so much receive the parking attendant in their life. All girl listening just for Dolly at six regulations go there are thought. That's it runs or any school. It's the days of denounced them lawn chairs on the football field and I and Delaware ideals you don't mess up the benches trash it. And you don't because you don't put holes in the football fields did penny counts. Today. I don't know man say would you simple wolf trek down at the Greensboro coliseum today. And just watch your money graduate from high school let's see how many different graduating class we hear glad that you come across slower clock. Yeah elation you completely successfully accomplished the easiest thing you've done so far in your life. The rest of the goes downhill from here. I wanna be that one person that you don't they always say. Do you do need to hold your applause since will be. And it's and please don't make any New Orleans going each student is called enough Ers stayed at our BI Taliban. Earlier starting at year end here incident. And you're going all the way down please don't die is our school. It is there's a hierarchy to depend on what time each school graduates of the Greensboro coliseum. I eat I'm not sure I think they just block off every single grew minutes I. I would say there's fifteen to twenty minutes in between each wine. Yeah but it would to one here's the thing because you if you look at it on a grid which I tend to think about the schedule. Just like you DVR you've got primetime graduation home on a Friday. Three clock let's just say Brower Saturday afternoon or Sunday after church as why graduated high school or. In case of a buddy of ours is graduating today. Tuesday. And 1130. In no. And in New Jersey on Tuesday 888 PM. They start at 8 o'clock at night. So do they have a lottery is that how it works or do they they line about The Who had the worst high school football season. Navy or it was in school the long is because that it's not. Something to do with the of the cancer the entire county though. I'll answer this is the stuff they keep is awaiting my friends I hope you know.