Burgers to Predict the Election

Tuesday, October 18th


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It's playing Corey to wake up with the wall showed text V gene. To 994 world for if you wanna chance QC Brantley Gil we're live in concert to be your back to mark some 45 for yet another chance to win his. Make it ran her concert tickets are often. So goody things when the presidential election quarry real talk. Oh you're just gonna light promotional flier out. How many violate all the rules I guess they'll convoys and I question until. You because you don't know yet do you I had no idea ads within that again I also don't really wants you back. Put. Definitely don't I think we should do you like these come up with our own way in the wake of abortion style. To predict the next president so I don't know if we get. Like an old scraggly rat and a ramble bad here and let them go together and see which one ends up at finish line at the into the mace first OK okay. That's since I doable or anything to get pat around a garage I think. Maybe rats and makes it fits. One point oh scraggly little one on ones that are better care access and comments yes of course I never any. You get a good in that way we could see even Stephen why it's our prediction is correct okay. That come up with a challenge yet users a burger chain doing the same thing they've built a mr. Berger. Which represents Donald Trump and features a beef patty topped with pastrami beef coleslaw pomade Russian dressing and then there is a mrs. burger. Which features a patty topped with a Chicago style sausage yellow mustard in pickles. Served on a poppy seed bun. One of those has to surround me unpopular one a missiles and a mustard pickles and we'd run and so I don't dispute that man. And you just. Either way that's going to be definitely just payback later.