Brantley is coming THIS WEEK!

Wednesday, June 22nd

We're ready for Brantley Gilbert to come through the Carolinas this weekend...he's bringing some of our buddies too!

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Dat deck concert to get look at by the way were 931 wolf country dot com days this week we have. Brian. This being. Phil berg is serious Thursday night they're going to be in the a rally in and Friday night going to be insurance without bull as his just a Mormon be on the show with them. Well I want. There's something here. And look you know we can change this I know but we should see these guys these these Chris Young was one of them Jake only see him all the time. Definitely feel like every other week we saw just more exciting news guys through talked him forever. I dismiss them. I miss until that you have to be happy for them because that's one reason we don't sit down is because they blew out. Yet now I mean blood being. And I heard the suit this. Round. Yeah I'm. Deals done. But. I was ever. Probably am the biggest Knuble the Amazon music thing while we drive and a cinema event. Man oh man this is the happening here and any part zones black out yeah. Halftime down and you ask the there's not a lot of songs are really get me out. And medicine all week he's been. Asking boy it's sad because we came from the it's like that's the song that. He's saying on the banks that pay bills and wall Lawrence which is the greatest multi homer to right here you know. Good for him. Brantley vote. You know I can get quite past the wallets and they've been so that is look at school this goal let him have that now we were free to Asus shows usually hang your win aren't.