Brad Paisley Baby Gender Reveal

Tuesday, August 9th


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Good morning Carolina feeling great with a chance when Zack brown band to get to you take ZBBD 99 for a full word text chicks. To 99 for a four preaching to see The Dixie Chicks who Korea on Friday. Kind of on on on big giveaway when give me. Big country concerts call for big things drink and we get from time to time would you really good request from folks are like hey look. Someone give me eerie beauty help me get George Strait to help composer he pulls on stage or whatever and Lotta times to really really difficult because those things done. And I can imagine when every once in awhile you find somebody that's really really get to the deal. And and it happens. So Brad Paisley was in Saint Louis on Sunday a couple lessons to reveal the sex of the baby right there on stage in front of everybody and. Men blame. Your names and there. A series. That's. Verizon and old. This is the gender of your grave. And you won't need to reveal how cool is that right. Yeah about. Him through girl. It's a boy. Went one up everybody that has pictures to face like I hate coming into this case now here's here's Brad Paisley. Definitely takes the ar fifteens out of that he's. This agreement they did that indicate critically in snow did the gun. He had time it was yes it was awesome that shot down arrange a rifle. It was incredible enough recipes that has will be wheels went over the wall this morning you know.