Back to School

Friday, August 26th


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Amen do. This judge is still. Saying man nice. In order Taylor Swift knew then machines will be like who she is today. When you put that we think I'm there I'll look her in the early days whenever she was just. Singing her journal yeah right that's what you do you reckon Taylor Swift was excited about going to school. Yeah she's straight yes and I that would probably be gal you write the ascent of a new highlight her speech yeah that's crazy. Writer Susan you popped back to school time whenever I feel tiles with all the stuff. I still got tactical stuff and I have their reasons you. To go for Kenny schools go back on Monday rate I think this yeah site not far behind them. There's a lot of kids is anxious nervous. And a lot of them are excited but not nearly as excited as this fourth grade kid from Texas named Kevin. And going back to school. Why you're so excited all he could do little to plan B after a battle going to think combined to Connie. No it's slow are hard on her backhand with no trust me to stay little Google is he came in fourth grade is great. 45 rated that I did not so much. Worrying. So. Cal.