August 01: Why today does not suck

Monday, August 1st

You have two choices every day - Here's why today doesn't suck!

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According to late week able to show our favorite part of the show or take a mental inventory of all the good that is around the would you and a better mood and it showed part of the show we call whites they doesn't suck parents will give him. The storms last night. Guam may be kept you up Mimi realize one thing. I needed in my home. Forced the power to. It's just nice to know your needed at all let me. And I think and it. What about now. Babies are doing a chain. Ms. Kory do you like to date doesn't suck. Well all those Harry Potter fans that I had two gigabytes of Evanston yesterday was Harry potter's birthday yeah release of the new book death called Harry Potter encouraged child. Yeah keep gala and well and note coming in his right. You really thought it. I think it. For ten dollars and eighty nine's and you can now buy all of these. Muster much marshmallows. I know what each artist I'm about you but that is a good day. Nothing else what you do mean everything else could go wrong for the rest of the year for the fact I no longer have to pick out a little goat these anonymous hero ever morning outlook. Money spin. And I say yeah. The breakfast table but still. My ability on the body. Every morning to go forward brand new air in your loans you can make a decision to make a decision you have been a great day or crafty one he could be positive we can hurt. I'm about to all the Korean elected you have the first thing to control the positive thing right after day so your challenge today. Is even if it's just one thing renewed honesty you know why today doesn't suck do it and hang on that hole they make it a break.