Are Bigger Melons Sweeter?

Monday, January 8th


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Carolina had. Brian ring in case of problems with you people. And right now he can't hear about them or asbestos. Chase. And some cantaloupe this morning and you know rules of Cuba's. Kennel is Monte Dutton Keeneland or put all this is where four balls I got this added at the other night he did it himself all by himself home. We're restart manner is our knives and the house down I had to use scissors that he get. So anyway he brings in his little container of cantaloupe which is delicious. I liked cantaloupe. And I just inept sort of load off handed. Conversation I just sit eighty put salt on yours and you should narrow. There's some dilution to go I do. And a half two but if it's there do and then I said do you put salt on your warm. His response to meanwhile owns. I made watermelon. And Corey chimed in with BTU. I can't stand either one of you right now because justice and here's here's here's the thing. What you said afterwards made absolutely. No sense to me and it will make no sense to anyone who's listening. Who like watermelon we'll buy machines you said we'll start would you chicks use did you do not like watermelon because. There's no taste. Corey you said if you'd like watermelon because it's really just a texture it's like no. It is it is as an athlete that's on so you can have pictured sol it. High 100%. Whole heartedly back where you vote. Something is happening here that never happened your both wrong. Anyone will tell you that watermelon has delicious tenets of pressure. Of the double pound us on top no you don't I don't I don't always assault on the water once that isn't good enough available and so if I'd like you if he's if you like inspire and erratic and that's that's our watermelon people we need to explain to them that there is wrong with your taste good period. You've got some problem that you can't faced certain taste and you need to go get checked. There's no way that your did that watermelon and as you know it kind of makes doctors point like I need to get my watermelon tasteless jacketed guys. Something apparently is wrong. Delta is that I am I'm Brooke and watermelon has attend East. Asia is not bags is not to get to race. I would rather licked a piece of cardboard. We have arranged that. Probably can't look after taste does taste arguably cardboard or. Please our bit and a and DG ventures. Watermelon and people every line's ringing they'll be like all I see out OK I don't know has date watermelon is delicious. There'd there'd have to other people out there that the watermelon is not Alice I've got to you mess with me and I'll play the watermelon girl. Yeah. Started great watermelon race. A 28 TU PS3 and because these two claim that watermelon is not good and it has no tasting. And I argue with him and I say that absolutely is not true evidently they either can't taste the neverland. A decent watermelon. And people were calling in with what side of the watermelon debate they are on yes fellow. Water on it and not believe it and yeah. What's your name. It our all that Tracy and Tracy Jersey. You know the watermelon crawl Tracy bird they you. Oh yeah ha yeah. And yet they okay Aaron marquis downs were not like on watermelon. In the end I am what Tracy thanks for Colin had a great day and I. Receives nuts hello it's the wolf. Eddie you act like watermelon. Lie because it happened very sweet taste to it. Don't even have to put salt on it. Maybe maybe that's in every water Mellman I never had my whole life was just the wrong and now. Want more basketball shape that it is this leader is car. On Kate it is it does have actually. Your absolutely right around watermelon does taste like a basket and I will else. Powell also tell you that seeded watermelons tastes better than seedless watermelons. The instant. Yeah. It is a bit. Much actually at at eight omni. Wow now that's true watermelon lover what is your name. So walker. Thanks for Colin is back in the open walker yeah and I love it at. Least I'm no longer just. Season it's the heat now on loving watermelon now I tell you just got the wrong one. Everything I. I tried twice. That watermelon debate continues wanna find out who's on my side news. Because these do say they don't like watermelon no no no change he needs to ten XT you know pennies you me tell you talk about all I ask a hundred. 680 wolf. Are are still bearing the watermelon out and yeah winds pretty what do you think about one I love our ally in the they debated how to pick apartment. Yeah how do you think viewers can well running in acting in area B green arm. There aren't enough or not and it it does not big melons then it is smiles I think iron. Six that's all around our really yet elegant bride her. All right well. On the problem often is early in the season people are dying to get watermelons they get him in there and they're just. Not ready they're not ride and all they're not good. Do you think seeded watermelons are better than seedless watermelons. Are there any I think they have a leader eight. Yes your right well I'm glad you call thank you you gave about lack. It's not always the compelling content on the smaller lizards just. I'm so small most fun. It's usually just a.