ana Kramer Dancing with Stars

Wednesday, August 31st


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They announce who the bachelors go levee to wake able showed sued now. About Clark we can all rest easy. And settling in for another season and actually I can't hear it here's the thing about this. Guys you know how it is in your when your wife or girlfriend has a show that they're really into in your not then you get to go to bed by yourself. And as a grown man with a kid I'm all about did Monday and Tuesday night racquet so let in my bed. Since anybody. I can watch highway three held a show but the Canadians tow truck drivers and fall asleep at the entire king size bed delay in right. Yeah the city says it's linked up in their couple hours. And waking up kids I have and a bachelor do it popped up. They announced they cast or Dancing With The Stars did nearly half and half only use in the that that means Wednesday night at the eleventh and I saw this error I totally into the show this is of the guys who watched together our boy Ryan Lochte liar liar he's gonna be on the cat wow I think. But it's better than that they announced that Jana Kramer. You know the one that we just rent the heartbreak you went a break up she's going to be unease with the stars. Along her long list of other interesting like no I say here it is on call and it. Jane Kramer's gonna hook up with somebody on the shows she's. I see the little baby so could you imagine yet I can't she would have the nicest home around the greens we know that he's home improvement act now run. I made this and she had some. Bitchy and eyebrows inside look I'm landing whole genome thing.