8% of People Don't Wear Undies

Tuesday, March 14th


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Some steps for. Your thinking detail. Really worked to get them but stats will night Wednesday Oregon like them to re. 8% of people you need to be aware of this when your out and about 8% of people never Wear underwear coming you want to consciously BO aircraft carried. You need to open people around you are. I. Out there and I doubt. 8% never Wear and an amazing 63% of us have worn the same pair of underwear for two days in a Breaux well a move. 47%. Sung and I won't do that 76%. Picked their way g.s in public. Okay I'll say where he would there's that there's a couple different degrees of this though there's like Ole line light. Mining for gold to get it out or you can do alone she me I have mastered this Shimmy should AD UN aids. So you can you probably never even noticed. The use of you do that the Shimmy to unwed. Are hot now if you're wearing leggings DP you can just kind of like it may look like and is adjusting my liking. We you Wear leggings almost all the time that is correct like you said you never know might get this 41% of shave their own butt cheeks. I. What average. When we are going over this I just look at her very serious as I do that. She is why why why why why you do. Obscure I don't do. But I said it just seemed that 41% shape their butt and I don't have one why would you do that the people might be. More comfortable. Than through I don't know. Our own. And 2% have warned adding to bigger and rounder. Number actually not a bad idea. A little assistant. Yeah because some people just have. No but. There's just not like me there's just nothing back. Well for me actually that after I was pregnant ate everything this letter under the pride. And I alone in there that I might add in on everybody's still wanna be okay. But pads and butt implants but the butt pads are so easy because he's get this and put those in. And I guess there's some problems with fabric is lady said she and this was itching out of the back. When I first probably worked out the case you're getting a lift nearly every ten minutes Philly cheese is just lifted. Until some increased at a popular anybody's lifted onto the lower part to be back pain and that's not good and then of course there are other ways to handle that situation to. I ordered DeVore or you don't put. You on pure dominated the poor and out here in this area. But I. Our on air the Pope saying yeah are under article one don't hurt you. I took pills all we're saying blown gel there oh no less all tablet.