Wednesday, August 16th


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A six reasons you're always tired here they are how gosh number one you're surrounded by negativity like friends who complain about their lives on to. He didn't expect it. Your sex life is nonexistent. If you too exhausted and I try to morning instead the boost of energy you hit and kick start your day. Let's keep this thing off 3 AM baby yeah. There's not enough magnesium in your diet. If you don't get enough can be harder to fall asleep and stay asleep ID give rating of magnesium supplements in those donors and ensor in. Few food Jamal or double up on our nuts seeds and beans a condos and leafy greens. How I did that flights are. I you never work out one recent study found that getting two and a half hours of exercise a week. A new O. She's done a missing two and a half hours a day houses wherever you out of him I. Can make you 65% less tired during the day. Okay you've got to painless thirty minutes a day to go for a walk or this next one. All you David sorry. You're a ball stress. Anxiety is the number one cause of insomnia. Dale who hits a vicious cycle because it's even harder to deal with stress. When you're under slept. Knowledge stress moll another password I was an. Finally remember seeing the spread your rent your bedroom is a wreck. Okay studies have found that the quality of your sleep can suffer when your bedrooms and mess. So you might wanna spend an hour two and a deep clean this weekend or at least pick up your dirty clues there and you recognize I don't see your bedroom being read this kind of a neat person. Yeah. In your life only idea better so it finally really stressed out and tired I feel better if I go through just pick up the house is clean apple it. Yeah I would bet there may laundry away then and I'm just like. Okay if he he can make it through another name behind so loathsome things and he's probably tired and they are all very legit they are magnesium need to look at. Yeah I guess Iguchi yes.