52% of People Would Turn Down a Raise in Exchange For Firing Their Boss

Monday, January 29th


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Carolina country 931 tool for 926. They're O'Brien Korean chase tells enjoy your office today. We're going to really attack typical typical Monday news survey that finds 20% of workers would turn down a pay raise in favor of firing their manager. Or UN worry ailing human illness. 40% of workers and would have turned down a pay raise in favor of firing their miniature. You see everybody wants to be the balls until we actually becoming balls need to find out it's not that much funding the malls and is not as easy as they think it is to be the month. That's the problem Abbas here or be a cakewalk that's right it. Milosevic. Competitive. It at 73% of workers believe they can do their boss's job better than them I agree. When Leslie Nielson one labors and two people were an extra four to six hours per week for free today. Today's world for six hours putting in for freely and easy. 100% of workers would ignore their boss. If they so often monster he agreed tab I don't have to do any 845%. Of people say their boss is a control freak. And our bosses and care. 50% of people have taken the blame for the bosses mistakes. That as a good employee as we should do you. 40% of people say their bosses taking credit for their work. And I got it and 10% of people have imagined taking out their ball. War and killing. Are listed on the Joseph Avery and pay raise might help that I am on the empty if it was not jump to conclusions on that last must see if we can feared yeah it's hard to surprise at ten people say they have thought of killing their ball. Blow it. You'd have. You don't advocate you've never worked out in the real world you've only been in the radio bubble out there in the real world the thing it did is it different can alarms have worked outside of the radio level. Not like a full on full time career a brilliant it's different. I'd now like I'm not part of that 10% and has ever actually felt that way. But I'm Italian. Some of the one of the box is that I had before was an absolute not I would have forgone to pay raises for her to be added to get rid of to gearing and that crazy person. Yet. We don't think about it in most businesses and I think it's true. Universally that. Most people feel they know best. They they know what needs to be done. Better than someone else ever aides say feel like they. They have the anti cancer that's right they had the answer to all these issues they just know if I was in control that I could fix it. I didn't I can just put my fingers in the holes in this thing and it would all just come right back to my. I have the gum that held it right do you think anything last week in order to keep the tester that theory they'll let them the rights of the test and yeah. The boss's office it's diluted cater daily long.