1st Women to Run Boston Marathon Does it Again 50 Yrs Later

Wednesday, April 19th


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Torre's got a cool stories for some I'm dying here we got mad that I act like to pretend that I'm fit and I'll like to pretend to be a runner if you lose and it's in world yet it's anything world where I had strive to grind miles in things outside. Yet it's you may not know they expect people used to think that winning couldn't Rhine marathon and because their bodies can take it they were allowed to run in one of the most. Popular famous races in the world the Boston Marathon until 1970 tear. One woman's family had to be the first line. She ran the whole saying. Five years earlier twenty year old from Syracuse University named Kathryn switzer interred in 1967. Under the name KV switzer. That way they would know she was a moment I'll live drew cheers that really famous like quite photo at her. I'm getting her number her bid ripped off two miles into the race because guys were angry that she was a woman running this race he was clearly gonna hurt herself. On her boyfriend shoving him out of the way and she ended up finishing the race in four hours in twenty minutes in and you don't know that that's a really good time. Fifteen years later she just did it again she ran. With the same bid number she's the last person that will ever run without it number they're retiring. That I had never for the Boston Marathon and as it's really has that ever happened reforms known that they retired again never know bay it's you know. As a woman and as a runner I think is the coolest thing. That she has she did this or time by the way was four hours and 44 minutes. On about 25 minutes slower than she came when she was twenty years old. That's pretty crazy play in that image which of course I'm gonna put up that classic. Black and white image of her getting her BA brick off I have seen it a million times on motivational posters for. You know if you set your mind to doing something like running a freaking marathon and you can do it even if people are they're pulling your bits off. You can do it harmonizing Gary Cole and how old was she when she rated as few as twenty the first time now she's seventy now. Rodgers ran a maritime yes or numbers that being retired his teeth fixed line he's six Owen yeah.