Savannah Jones

Savannah Jones

M-F 10a-3p

Raised in Georgia, Savannah has deep roots in the South. She has a fondness for pecan farms, peach orchards, Varsity hot dogs & Krystal Hamburgers.

She started her Radio career while attending college in North Dakota. She can’t sing a lick, not even karaoke, that’s a fact. However, she will enthusiastically encourage you to sing at the top of your lungs, if that is your kind of thing.

She has traveled to all 50 states & appreciates the Charm & Hospitality of the South. She will be wolfin' while you work, weekdays 10a-3p.

The 2 questions she is asked most often:

  • Do you like Country Music? is her favorite!
  • Do you get to meet the Artists? Yes and occasionally, she’ll even splurge and buy their t-shirts.

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