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Salute To Surry County EMS' Devin Hester

Devin Hester Surry County EMS Devin works full time at Surry EMS and part time at the hospital here in Mount Airy. He never calls out, he never calls in sick. I've asked him why before, and he says he would feel absolutely horrible if he was out and a call came through and he wasn't there to help...
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How Much Are The Panhandlers In Greensboro Making Each Day?

Is this cold-hearted? A guy in Bradenton, Florida named Ryan Bray recently saw a guy panhandling at a stop light. And he didn't look disabled in any way. So instead of giving him a hand-out, he offered him a JOB. He said he'd pay him $15 an hour to do yard work, and help get him off the streets...
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Get In, We're Storming Area 51

The best case scenario in this plan is you get pepper sprayed. The middle case is you get shot and go to prison. The worst case is you get vaporized by an alien. There's a Facebook event circulating right now called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us." It's a plan for tons of people to...
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Does Dale Have A Secret Girlfriend?

This morning on the Wake Up With The Wolf Show, Dale was sharing a story about a homeless man who banged on his car window when he was at a redlight on Wendover. But he may have accidentally revealed something...does Dale have a secret girlfriend?
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After 29 Years of Service, Battalion Chief Aaron Noah Retires From Winston-Salem, Forsyth

Aaron was nominated by his sister-in-law Cindy, who wrote: Aaron Noah- WS Forsyth Battalion Chief Aaron Noah has been a firefighter for 29 year and will be retiring this year. During his 29 years of service he has, volunteer 1 - 2 times to assist with rescue efforts after the Hurricanes. In...
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