Wake Up With The Wolf

How Many Seconds Do You Have To Make a Good First Impression?

With the holidays comes meeting the family, and if it's your first time it could be a little stressful. While the best advice is often "be yourself" we realize that it doesn't apply to all of us, so we have a few tips of DOs & DONTs for making a first impression.
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: Are You Taking A Holi-break?

It's a Thirsty Thursday here on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show! We talk how to pay your parking tickets with PB&J, why a woman was arrested and removed from a flight, and the latest trends in Christmas trees. Plus, what you're most likely to get judged in the workplace for and how long it...
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Five Things You Need To Know: Scented Gift Wrap?

5 Things You Need To Know For November 14th, 2019. There is a new trend where people are buying Christmas trees that are 6 feet tall BUT the bottom of the tree is bare for the first three feet!? The least favorite Thanksgiving dishes: Cranberry dishes, Green bean casserole and Pumpkin Pie. (This...
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: What Are You Hiding On Your Phone?

We spend Wednesday breaking down what's in your phone and where you're using your phone the most. (Side note: please mute it when you're on the toilet.) We also help you get prepared for Thanksgiving and figure out what's keeping you up at night.
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Why Krispy Kreme Allows College Student To Deliver Their Donuts

Earlier this year, Jayson Gonzalez realized that there was a business opportunity delivering Krispy Kreme douhgnuts throughout his state of Minnesota (where there are NO KRISPY KREME'S!). He would run over to neighboring Iowa, grab 100 boxes, and sell them for $20 a piece, offering delivery...
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