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First Responder Friday: Salute To Daniel Forrest of Davie County Rescue Squad

Daniel Forrest, Davie County Rescue Squad I would like to nominate Daniel Forrest for first responder Friday due to the face he is selfless and what we all look for in the first responder standpoint. He will do anything for anybody and has proven that. He was deployed two times with the davie...
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Five Things You Need To Know: Five Fun Facts

Five Things You Need To Know for Friday, January 17th, 2020. 1. Redheaded people need about 20% more anesthesia than people with other colors of hair . . . the gene mutation for red hair also affects the body's pain tolerance. 2. Mattel passed on making "Star Wars" toys in the late '70s because...
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job interview

Have A Better Interview With These Tips & Tricks

Maybe the "new year, new you" also means a NEW JOB! If it's been a while since you've been on an interview, here are some tips & tricks. We also talk what one company is offering employees but only if they agree to have a GPS implanted into them!
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online dating

#TBT To 19 Year Old Chase On A Date

We all have them: bad date stories! Listeners shared theirs and then Chase made the room the most sad with a story of a first date from when he was 19. AWWWWW.
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: Less Than 15% of Men Are This...

We kick off a Thirsty Thursday with sad news about Rocky Johnson, Chase's #tbt story of his first online date, and why Bazooka the Cat weighs 35lbs. Then we talk a new way to save money on your cell phone, what you should say in response to these common interview questions, and what questions you...
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Five Things You Need To Know: Scorpions on a Plane

Five Things You Need To Know for Thursday, January 16th, 2020. Ben & Jerry is introducing a "Netflix & Chill'd" flavor. It features peanut butter ice cream with salty pretzel swirls AND gooey fudge brownies. A Portland, Oregon ALMOST lost his $8.4 Million lottery ticket. He told NBC "I...
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Wake Up With The Wolf Show: "Trial By Combat" Is One Way To Fight Your Ex

There is major news from the Panthers as Luke Kuechly announces his retirement. We also talk the winner of Jeopardy, Wet Nose Wednesday, and if men really do care about getting their hair cut. Also, some tips on what to spend $1,000 on (think "Pimp My Garage"), and the best way to take your ex to...
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