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Back to School Safety!

Now that school is back, look at this diagram before sending your child back to school to ensure their safety when using the school bus. Click here to check it out, it could save a child's life! Also click here to see the Greensboro School district website for more information on back to school...
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Vote Miss Lou Lou Gehrig Greensboro Grasshoppers Mascot of the Year

Minor League Baseball fans vote for mascot of the year every year, and this year we are voting for our local mascot and cutest pup around! Greensboro Grasshoppers Miss Lou Lou Gehrig loves fetching bats and running the bases after home games. Fans love her, and so do we! Click here to vote for her...
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Back the Blue!

This corn maze was made in Logansville, Georgia to show support for law enforcement and first responders. It must have taken forever to create! Would you go through this maze? Click here to see more! #BACKTHEBLUE -Savannah
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Adopt now!!

Want to help out some of these cute pups? The county shelters aren't big enough, and these pups need homes. They are going to be up for adoption! For more information, you can contact , or click here to see more! -Savannah
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Vote Greensboro, NC for America's Top Town!!

You can vote for Greeensboro to advance to the next round, as America’s Top Town! Click here to vote! -Savannah
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August 1: Why Today Doesn't Suck

The storms last night, while maybe kept you up - made me realize one thing.. I am needed in my home... for SNUGGLE POWER! So there's that! It's just nice to know you needed, that's all it is. Well, all those Harry Potter Fans who had to say good bye in 2007 - yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday,...
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