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Bryan Cranston

Walter White Joins SNL to Reveal Trump's DEA Pick

Saturday Night Live didn't open this weekend with their usual Alec Baldwin Trump Impression. Instead they took a different approach to political satire with a little help from not your average High School Science Teacher! Video of The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open - SNL
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Kids Art

Dad Turns Son's Drawings Into Real Pictures

The best job any person can have, is being a parent! One of the hardest parts of being a parent is telling your kids that their terrible drawings are BEAUTIFUL! This Dad took his 6 year old Son's drawings and turned them into real pictures and it's HILARIOUS! *Warning* be prepared to LOL! http://...
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Man Receives Bad Gift

VOTE: What are the Worst Christmas Gifts?

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Christmas Parade

2016 Christmas Parades

Asheboro Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Mebane Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Morrow County Christmas Parade 2-Dec 7:00 PM Draper Children’s Christmas Parade 3-Dec 11:00 AM Denton Christmas Parade 3-Dec 12:00 PM Dobson Christmas Parade 3-Dec 2:00 PM Graham Christmas Parade 3-Dec 10:00 AM Greensboro...
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Christmas Lights City

Triad Holiday Light Shows

Here's a list of some of the best Christmas Lights Displays and Events in the Triad this season! Holidays at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Nov. 18, 2016 – Jan. 1, 2017, Belmont You and your loved ones can enjoy an elegant lighting display, a fire pit for toasting marshmallows and making s’mores...
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Windy Day Trash Blows Over

Kid Learns That Chores Can Be Difficult

If you're a parent you know the struggle all too well - trying to get your kids to help out with the daily chores. Every once in a while you have to kind of feel bad for them when things go wrong.. and they really are trying their best! Video of Kid Struggles with Trashcan on Windy Day
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CMPD Release Dashcam Video from Keith Scott Shooting

This afternoon, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief, Kerr Putney, announced that the police body-cam and dash-cam footage from Keith Scott's shooting would be released to the public today. Below is a link to these videos. Be advised, they show graphic material.
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Charlotte PD to Release Dashcam Footage

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief, stated in a press conference this afternoon, that they will be releasing the Police Dashcam footage from the Keith Scott shooting. We can expect the link to be released this evening.
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Back to School Safety!

Now that school is back, look at this diagram before sending your child back to school to ensure their safety when using the school bus. Click here to check it out, it could save a child's life! Also click here to see the Greensboro School district website for more information on back to school...
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Vote Miss Lou Lou Gehrig Greensboro Grasshoppers Mascot of the Year

Minor League Baseball fans vote for mascot of the year every year, and this year we are voting for our local mascot and cutest pup around! Greensboro Grasshoppers Miss Lou Lou Gehrig loves fetching bats and running the bases after home games. Fans love her, and so do we! Click here to vote for her...
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