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Letters for Seniors

Sending Smiles to Seniors

Help bring a smile to an area senior citizen!
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Triad Stay at Home Covid 19 Coronavirus

Triad and Statewide "Stay-at-Home" Orders

As of Monday, 3/30, the whole state of NC is under a Stay-at-Home order. Here's what that means.
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Moment for Mom: Shalom in My Home

It's not just for moms! Who doesn't need a dose of encouragement and inspiration from time to time? Take a moment right now to refresh your spirit with today's message about peace within.
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Dr. Christopher Ohl from Wake Forest Baptist Health Talks About the New Coronavirus

A no-hype, panic-free conversation about the coronavirus (COVID-19) with WFUBH Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Christopher Ohl.
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Why Did the Broom Challenge Become Such a Huge Fad?

Click to find out why everyone and their uncle was taking pictures of their upright brooms recently.
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Moment for Mom: Just One Won't Hurt

Is the "just one" mindset leading you down an unhappy path? Take a listen to learn where to find the strength to make healthier choices.
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Do you know the name of Stephen King's son?

Did you know Stephen King has a son? Guess what his name is! Click to hear the really stupid punchline.
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