Dad Joke Of The Day

Every afternoon at 3:40, Traid Dads (and Moms) hit up Tami With An I with their best Dad Joke! If you missed it, hear it here!

Why Did the Broom Challenge Become Such a Huge Fad?

Click to find out why everyone and their uncle was taking pictures of their upright brooms recently.
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Do you know the name of Stephen King's son?

Did you know Stephen King has a son? Guess what his name is! Click to hear the really stupid punchline.
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Why is it getting harder to buy Advent Calendars?

On the 10th day of Christmas Dad Jokes, Santa said to meeee....
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Why did the doctor tell the guy to stop eating Christmas decorations?

Who better than Father Christmas to tell a dad joke?
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What do you get when Santa goes down a chimney where the fire is lit?

Who knew Mr. Claus was also a comedian? Santa's back with Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Dad Jokes!
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