WATCH: Luke Bryan Gets Upstaged By Two Adorable Little Girls

By: Scott T. Sterling

March 2, 2018

Not only does Luke Bryan have fans of all ages. Those fans can launch to any of his hits at a moment’s notice, even if there are thousands of people watching during the middle of a concert.

Such was the case at a recent performance when he was inspired to welcome a pair of local tykes to join him for “Drunk on You.”

Bryan pulls the first little girl onstage for a few twirls as he sang, with the girl clearly loving every minute of it.

The singer drops to his knees to sing to her, and then passes her the mic for the final line of the chorus, which she nails much to the delight of Bryan and the crowd.

“Alright, you’re stealing the show from me, you realize that,” Bryan jokes as the band continues to play.

He pauses for a photo opp, before his new friend points out someone else in the crowd. That’s when Bryan pulls an even smaller girl onstage, announcing that it’s her birthday.

They have a dance, and Bryan turns up the cuteness by trading his baseball cap for her child-sized pink cowboy hat.

Watch fan footage of the wholesome family fun unfold in real-time below.