Five Things: Workers In What Industry Make Love The Most?

October 11, 2019



On this date in 1990, Drummer Dave Grohl played his first gig with Nirvana when they appeared at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington


Tom Brady Is Breaking Records

The 42 year old became the oldest player in the NFL history to have scored multiple rushing touchdowns in a game. The last time Tom Brady had 2 rushing touchdowns in one game was in 2011. Patriots won against the Giants 35-14.


Other football news, Panthers play Bucs in London on Sunday, kickoff at 9:30am!


Negotiation Skills: 100

Jason Weaver, who provided the singing voice for Simba in the Lion King when he was a teenager (so the original Disney movie) turned down a $2 million dollar offer and negotiated for royalties instead. So he got $100,000 upfront and has made well over the $2 million in royalties (though he just says “Way more”


Chris Lane's Songwriting Has Changed Because He Is In Love

Chris is engaged to Bachelor star Lauren Bushnell. His songwriting is different because he has a new inspiration in his heart.


Who Knew Cornfields Were So Sexy…

A new study by Lelo reveals that farmers make more love than people working in any other profession. 33% of farmers say they make love at least once a day with 67% of them rating their performance in the bedroom as 'incredible.' 21% of architects say they make love once a day while 17% of hairdressers make love on a daily basis