A Woman's Shocking Response To "Why Are You Single?"

The answer you're unlikely to hear...

August 7, 2019

Getty Images


After I received a random DM from a listener who asked "Why are you single?", the show decided to find the answer to that question. Which is...the obvious one! Because I haven't found someone to be in a relationship with at the moment. People assume that being single is a disease, and that you must be miserable. Which is just not the case. Even more than that, I'm super content with my own company, so that's what you're competing with. If I'd rather stay at home alone then be doing anything with you, it's not going to bode well. What I want to know is: How do people THINK I'm going to answer to that question? We took to the phones and asked listeners What's your answer to "why are you single?" They had some good responses...and one was really shocking.