Five Things: Give The Gift Of A Black Out

October 9, 2019



1 Rowdy Waffle House Diners Sing Luke Combs Song

A group of people were recently dining at a Waffle House when they got the entire restaurant to sing 'Beer Never Broke My Heart' at 4 a.m.


2 Give The Gift Of A Black Out

Johnnie Walker is selling Game of Thrones whiskies on Amazon for $41. Flavors include A Song Of Ice and A Song of Fire. The Ice whiskey is crisp while the Fire whiskey is spicy 


3 The Cast Of 'Modern Family' Talk About The Show Coming To An End

Several cast members talk about the impact the show has had on them and their fans. Sofia Vergara doesn't understand why the show is coming to an end and she wants it to be like 'Law & Order” (which has been on for 20 years). Ed O’Neil says he doesn't want to around then. 'Modern Family' airs Wednesdays on ABC.


4 Football, Cruises, and Now…

Brobible claims Fox has hired former New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski as a contributor for their Fox NFL Sunday show.


5 Russell Dickerson Learned How To Be A Country Star From Who?!

Darius Rucker And Lady Antebellum ... they taught him how to handle his shows, crews and most importantly how do deal with life on the road.