Five Things: Which NFL Star's Record Christian McCaffrey Broke Yesterday

October 7, 2019



1) Don’t be a clown…

People are ruining the end of ''Joker'' by posting details about it online and on YouTube ... the movie topped the weekend box office with $93.5 million 


2) You only need to microwave these for 3 seconds…

Bustle magazine claims pretzel flavored Pop-Tarts are going to hit store shelves in December 2019. The new flavors are called Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar and Pretzel Chocolate


3) Hopefully you had a better weekend than The Hardy Bros

TMZ says the Moore County, North Carolina police recently arrested pro wrestler Jeff Hardy for a DUI. It was his second one in two years.


4) Why was Lady A sold on their new song?

Lady Antebellum Knew That 'What If I Never Get Over You' Was Going To Be The First Single Off Their New Album 'Ocean.'

Charles Kelley: "It’s funny. We were writing with Laura Veltz. I said, 'Laura, you and Jon Green, y’all write so much stuff that feels like it could come from us.' And I said, 'Send me anything and everything you got.' And sure enough, this was the first song she sent, and I was like, 'This is a monster.'

Hillary Scott: "And Ryan Hurd singing on it."

Charles: "And I just immediately, I had the idea, I said, 'This is a duet. The duet’s going to make it even more heartbreaking. What if I never get over you and what if it’s both people are feeling the same thing? Like maybe they missed out on this thing. But to me it’s probably my favorite thing we’ve put out since around those second, third record. You know we’ve taken a lot of chances and tried a lot of different things like 'You Look Good' and 'Bartender,' which has been huge for our live show, but I do think at the core of us, it’s definitely more of this type of a sound."

'Ocean' comes out on November 15th.


5) I’m trying to have a week like Christian McCaffrey.


Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey had franchise record 237 yards in yesterday’s game. He sits at #2 for most yards from scrimmage in team’s first 5 games with 866 total. He’s beat out by Jim Brown who had 988 in 1963