What's On Your Summer 2019 Bucket List?

One thing just got crossed off!

June 17, 2019

Getty Images


There are a few common things that I have not done...one of those being having S'mores around a bonfire. But this weekend, thanks to Annie Camp and her family in Kernersville, they helped crossed that off my bucket list. The night started with cornhole and roasting hot dogs over the fire, then we burned some Christmas trees (pretty amazing how quickly they catch!), and once the they were cleared out it was S'mores time. It was better than I had expected and I can definitely see why people have so much fun making them around a bonfire. And just to finish the night, we shotgunned beers! Yes mine was a Mich Ultra mini so it felt like a very age appropriate way to shotgun a beer :)

What do you want to  cross off your Summer 2019 bucket list?!