What Would You Do If You Caught Your Delivery Driver Doing This?

Maybe he was just making sure it wasn't poison?!

April 1, 2019



It's amazing that even with how common it is to have a  personal security system at your  front door, people still try and "get away" things. In the age of technology, you should just assume that you're being watched at all times. I mean, Dale & Amy even believe they're being watched in their respective apartments (they're kind of crazy though)! Well, bad news for this Door Dash delivery driver who decided that he would sneak a quick sip of this kid's milkshake before ringing the doorbell. Because this family had a security camera right at the front door, and caught everything on video. The worse news, well that's for the family since they didn't even see it until the next day...which means that the kid drank the milkshake. Aside from it being just plain gross, it's also rude! There's a certain level of trust that people are instilling in your when it comes to preparing and delivering their food, and that's what they're paying after all. This driver may make you think twice about ordering. The family reached out to Door Dash but has not heard anything back as of yet.

What would you do? Would this make you want to order for delivery less, and just go get it yourself?!