What Life Skill Does Everyone Need?

Sewing, cooking...what else?

March 12, 2019



In 2019, we're able to pay for someone to do most things for us: from lawn care to laundry, there's someone who can handle that for you. But there are a few life skills that are just absolutely necessary. Cooking is of course one of those...I mean, you need to eat to be able to live. And while takeout can be convenient, it's also hella expensive and you lack the control of the ingredients and how it's prepared. Also on that list, sewing! You'd be surprised how quickly you can repair something on your own, rather than having to take it to a tailor, wait for them to finish it, and then go back and pick it up. Unless it's a major overhaul on a clothing item, it may pay for you to handle it yourself. Which is how Amy found out that she really has no idea how to sew. What life skill do you think is most important?!