Upgrade Your Super Bowl Menu with Chef Fat Brian

Did somebody say gator tacos?!

January 17, 2019

Amy Reed


Super Bowl is around the corner and we know what's on the menu...wings, spinach dip, and chips & dip. But not this year. Make 2019 the year you blow the minds of your familiy and friends! Friend of the show Chef Fat Brian got up bright & early to show us how to do just that. If you want to pick up an of his sauces, spices, or rubs, you can check him out on Facebook or at the Colonial Market in Thomasville.

Chef Fat Brian got here at 6AM, his truck filled with supplies...we're talking everything you could think of, including paper towels & bottled water. He started us with warm shrimp cocktail (with his "The Islands" spice and homemade horseradish cocktail sauce) followed by honey glaze shrimp. He shared with us that the secret is to cook the shrimp with spices and then lightly dust them once they're cooked. While we ate our appetizers, he started on the main courses. That's right...COURSES. We had 3 main courses, so let's start with #1.


Amy Reed

Sorry Florida fans. These Gator Tacos were AMAZINGGG (see picture at top)! It was Amy's first time eating alligator, and as Chef Fat Brian pointed out...the tail meat is the whitest of white meats, little to no fat. CFB's tips & tricks: coat in cake batter with "The Islands" spice, the sweet helps balance out the gaminess of wild game. He topped it with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and homemade ranch mixed with Fat Brian's Wing Sauce. The tacos were FRESH. The sauce drizzle was spicy but didn't over power all the other flavors and if you have never eaten alligator before, please give it a try! 



Amy Reed

This pasta is SAVORY. Like, enjoy on a cold, rainy weekend with a glass of red wine savory. This pasta dish features andouille sausage and chicken (seasoned with "Wild Chicken" spice) and is mixed with a creamy cheesy sauce. Thanks to the sausage, it has a nice kick to it but not a ton of heat. 


Amy Reed

Where do start with our last course?! Cheese covered Texas toast and it's topped with: CRAB STUFFED LOBSTER and a drizzle of spicy ranch (homemade ranch with Fat Brian's Wing Sauce). Delicious! The garlic flavor was strong but not overpowering. Chef Fat Brian used his "The Islands" spice! 

Thank you to Chef Fat Brian for coming in and showing us easy ways to upgrade our Super Bowl menu! Now that we have the food portion of the menu, we have to figure out what to drink...what's in your glass?