How Did Amy Make Out At the NASCAR Driving Experience in Charlotte?!

The damage didn't cost *too* much...

April 25, 2019

Amy Reed


If you're a fan of NASCAR you know the excitement of hearing the car start up, pulling out of the pit, and gunning it. But did you know you can actually experience it?! Amy headed to Charlotte (alongside our Promotions Guru Annie Camp and Charley McCain from Simon!) to the Charlotte Speedway for a day of racing (and of course, food...because Amy is always hungry). After signing in, she got to try on the jumpsuit, learn a little bit about how the driver's prepare, and walk down to the pit area.



Helmet on: check. Neck stabilizer on: check. Now it was time to climb in the passenger side window. You can do the driver experience if you know how to drive stick! Then after getting buckled and belted and strapped in, it's time to GO.


Three laps...and what only felt like seconds...later, Amy was laughing (and cussing) about what a great experience it truly was. Hitting speeds of over 180mph, you there for the angle on the curves, getting close to the's hard to imagine how they do it with all those other cars on the track within inches of each other!!!