The Top Life Skills You Should Have As An Adult

2 outta 10 ain't bad...

January 7, 2019



As a parent, there are certain things you want your child to learn...basic cooking skills, how to balance a checkbook, and maybe even the ever so important DRIVING skills. Some things aren't so important but still come up in how to sew. And over the weekend, Amy found out the hard way that she has no idea how to sew. Though she refused to Google and watch a "how to" video, she eventually figured out how to use the little silver helper thing to thread the needle. Then , realizing that she would not be able to mimic the thread pattern on the seam of her torn pillow, she proceeded to just make a lot of loops and knots through the fabric to help it stay. Sewing...not necessarily important, but when you need to know how to do it, well, it kinda makes you wish you learned.

What life skill do you know you *DO NOT* have but know that it would be useful to learn?