The Top 10 Least Romantic Cities in America

2 of them of right here in North Carolina!

February 5, 2019



Valentine's Day is around the corner! Dale & Amy are skeptics and Chase is in love so Valentine's Day will be celebrated very differently for the Wake Up With The Wolf Show, but If you live in NC is may be hard for you to enjoy it, seeing as how two of our major cities made it onto the list of the "Top 10 Least Romantic Cities." This is according to a new survey by Instacart based on amount of roses, cookies, wine and oysters purchased:

10. New York

9. Toronto

8. Indianapolis

7. Atlanta

6. Philadelphia

5. Minneapolis

4. Oakland

3. Raleigh

2. Charlotte

1. Detroit

Where do you stand: Is it just another Hallmark holiday designed to get you to spend money or is love in the air in your household and your plans are already set? Wolf Nation weighs in!