Should You Be Tipping Your Flight Attendants?

Frontier thinks it's time we switch from safety to service...

January 15, 2019



The plane ticket. Sometimes you're paying for the seat you want. Checking a bag? That's going to cost you, too. And now, you can add cash to tip the flight attendant as something else to add to the price of your flight. Frontier Airlines announced that flight attendants will now be focusing on customer service and they have the ability to solicit tips direct  from passengers. Which raises the question: Do flight attendants deserve to be tipped?! And that's where Wolf Nation weighs in. We here from a former flight attendant (turned 1st Grade teacher), a server, an engineer, and others who mostly say "No, because..." But then there's Holden. Holden is a reminder that we're all just people trying to make a living and makes you think "Is $2 really going to break my bank?" 

Hear what everyone had to say and tell us: Will you be tipping?!