The Secret Ingredient To Making The Best Fried Pickles

The appetizer of choice just got better!

April 17, 2019



There is no argument that fried pickles are one of the best appetizers you can get. Dale is torn between Bad Daddy's and Kickback Jack's, but one Wolf Nation listener called and said nooope, the best goes to Jimmy Buffett's restaurant in Myrtle Beach. The debate then came to which STYLE of fried pickle is best...and again...hands down we went chips over spears. It's because the ratio is better, just like how Reese's minis have the best peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio? Yeah, same theory. So we talk fried pickles and then friend of the show (and chef extraordinaire) Chef Fat Brian calls in and shares the secret to the perfect fried pickles. It may surprise you!