The Love Of Your Life Could Be In The Grocery Store

There are 3 aisles where you're most likely to find that person!

February 13, 2019



If you've tried looking for love everywhere and still aren't having any success, maybe it's time we take it back to basics. It turns out, a lot of people are finding their SO in the grocery store. 46% of people say they've flirted with someone while food shopping, and 32% of people say they went on a date with someone they met in the grocery store! There are 3 most commons aisles/sections to meet someone in two very important pickup lines! 

Where you'll meet them: produce section, wine/liquor aisle, and in the check out line!

The survey also asked people to rate the best pickup lines or icebreakers to use at the grocery store. The best one for men to use is, "Hey, I can't find something.  Do you know where it is?"  And the best one for women to use is, "Hey, can you help me reach something?"