Have You Been Catfished By Miranda or Kane?

Hint: yes.

September 13, 2019



Dean is obsessed with country singer Miranda Lambert. He thought he was speaking with her on the Internet. He found out he was scammed by several 'Miranda Lambert's.' Dean's wife, Shirley, contacted the show. She thinks Dean is cheating on her and feels betrayed. He invited 'Miranda' over for dinner. He wanted his wife to go into the other room while they ate. Dean honestly and truly believes that he's been talking to the real Miranda Lambert. Dean knows he's hurting his family, but doesn't know what to do. Dean tells Dr. Phil that he believes he has been talking to country star Miranda Lambert on the Internet. He says they are having an emotional affair. Dean admits that he has previously gotten scammed by Miranda Lambert imposters. He says he is in love with Miranda and believes they are finally "dating" for real.

So we asked Wolf Nation: Have you ever been catfished? And it turns out, yes.