Good News: Greensboro Bus Driver Goes Above & Beyond For Riders

October 24, 2019



Teairra Coleman is a Greensboro City bus driver, which means every single day she is meeting and greeting people with a warm and friendly smile. One of the things she noticed during her routes is that there are people in need and people she could help. And she didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand. Every shift, Teairra makes sure to keep a bag next to her seat. In that bag are ziploc bags filled with things like toothpaste, lotion, and soap among other items. If she sees someone in need, she's quick to offer them a bag and let them know that they are seen and they are cared for. Thank you, Teairra, for going above and beyond and for making a difference right her in Greensboro.


If you'd like to donate to Teairra, you can reach her at!