Five Things: Including New Music, Show Anniversaries, And Aliens

Fun fact: It's pay day for us here at The Wolf.

September 20, 2019



New Music Friday

We have new music from The Zac Brown Band…their album “The Owl” out today!

The 25th Anniversary of the show Friends is Sunday

Though it's leaving Netflix, you still have some time to watch it. You know...if you're plan is to be hungover and lay on the couch all day Sunday:)

AB Loses An Endorsement

The NY Post claims Nike has dropped Antonio Brown as an endorser because of the sexual assault allegations against him. His personal trainer and another woman both claim he assaulted them at different times. Nike is no longer selling the Nike Tech Trainer Antonio Brown sneaker on their website 

Instagram Wants You To Feel Better

Instagram says it will ban or restrict certain posts tied to diet products and plastic surgery after concerns over the impact of young people’s mental health and body image.

Did It Happen Or...

The Area 51 Raid was supposed to happen at 3am this morning…it didn’t. Or did it?!