Cameron Webb From Davie Rescue Honored On First Responder Friday

July 26, 2019

Cameron was nominated by Sam Frye who wrote:

Cameron Webb, Davie Rescue

Cameron Webb took on the training spot at Davie rescue and stepped up when we needed him to. He got half the department certification classes and gave up his nights weekends for everybody. He deserves recognition for all that he does for Davie county. He always is willing to help others and he will drop what he is doing to do for others. He is a lieutenant at Davie rescue squad. He is assistant fire marshal for Davie county and has a wife and 2 kids with one on the way. He was shown on the front page of the Davie county enterprises for the picture shown where he went to a demonstration for all special education students for Davie county. He made every kid happy that day with his demonstration.

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