Bryce Harper Landed the Richest Contract in Sports History

How much does Bryce make every time he steps to the plate?

March 1, 2019


After a long, drawn out offseason, baseball superstar BRYCE HARPER has agreed to a MASSIVE new deal with the Philadelphia Phillies worth $330 million over 13 seasons.

It breaks down like this:  There's a $20 million signing bonus . . . a $10 million salary this year . . . $26 million in each of the following NINE seasons . . . and $22 million in each of the last three.

That's the richest contract in the history of American sports, but not by much.  GIANCARLO STANTON got a 13-year, $325 million contract five years ago from the Miami Marlins.  But last year, he was traded to the New York Yankees.

Unlike Stanton, Bryce seems to be sticking with the Phillies for the long run.  According to reports, the deal involves a no-trade clause, and it doesn't include any player opt-outs . . . so unless the no-trade clause can be waived at some point down the road, Bryce and Philly are stuck with each other through 2031.

That's a LONG time.  In the last year of his contract, most of the people he’ll be playing with are currently like 12 years old.

For what it's worth, Bryce is 26, so he'll be 39 by the end of the contract.  He played his first seven seasons with the Washington Nationals.  He's a six-time All-Star, who won the NL MVP in 2015.  ( has more on his fit with the Phillies.)

The San Diego Padres signed shortstop MANNY MACHADO to a 10-year, $300 million contract last week.  Coincidentally, those are the numbers that the Nationals offered Bryce at the end of last season.

The deal he signed is $30 million more overall . . . but on average it's $4.5 million LESS per season.