The Biggest Tech Items Featured At The CES in Vegas!

Plus, a $2,000 feature for your bedroom.

January 10, 2019

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The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is happening now and they are showing off some pretty awesome technology! Flying cars anyone?! But here are some of the top things that you can find coming out soon:

5G WiFi obviously, as Dale points out, it's only as good as your provider but how nice does faster connection and better quality sound?!

Deckercise Bike...yesss, this is a stationary bike to replace your chair, so it's just the bottom half (no handle bars). If health and exercise is a concern for you this may be something for you to check out. And it's cheaper than most walking or standing desks, costing you only $399.

LG's a heated wardobe that has built in hangers and steamers to keep your clothes warm, clean, and wrinkle free. It will run you about $2,000 but if you're like Amy and don't even own an iron, the thought the wrinkle free clothing does sound appealing. 

In the meantime, we're *still* waiting on YouTube to allow video play while minimized.What new technology would you like to see?