ACC Autographed Basketballs Auction

March 7, 2017

Corie Odden WPAW Entercom Greensboro


It's that time, Tournament Time! It's also time for the annual Greensboro Women's Club ACC Autographed Basketball Auction with the Wolf!

Lorena Hall and Keri from Greensboro Women's Club hung out with Dale and Corie all morning to facilitate the bidding!

The Greensboro Women's Club does so much to support our local community, whether it's donating and fundraising for students in the classroom, or food pantries, or helping the homeless. They are a large group of women who volunteer their time to make a true impact right here in our back yard and serve as an inspiration to young women all over the triad!

This particular fundraiser is a cool one, supporting many other organizations locally:

National Folk Festival

Operation Bed Roll

Teachers Supply Warehouse

Out of the Garden

Urban Ministries

Heffer International

Shot at Life

Interactive Resources Center

Mary's House

Clara's House

Wreath's Across America

Reading Connections... and so many more!

Greensboro Women's Club

Here were the winners who bid on the ACC Autographed Basketballs this morning on The Wolf!

UNC - Dr. Rob Wells

Duke - Taylor Jefferson

NC State - Caleb Haywood

Wake Forest - Debbie Stacy