5 Weird Things To Help You Be Less Stressed

They're easy enough...but will they work?!

January 28, 2019



Everyone is stressed, but here we aspire to be less stressed. Which is why we were geeked up when we first saw the headline: 5 Ways To Be Less Stressed

1.  Washing the dishes.  A 2014 study found that people who practiced being mindful while washing dishes . . . like by smelling the soap and feeling the water temperature . . . felt more inspired and less nervous after they were done.

2.  De-cluttering your home.  Research suggests that having a cluttered house can cause increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day.

3.  Sniffing your partner's laundry.  A study last year in the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology" found that just smelling your significant other's clothes can make you feel calmer.

4.  Exercising in a group.  According to a study in the "Journal of the American Osteopathic Association", exercising with a group reduced stress about 25% better than working out alone.

5.  Dwelling on your failures.  In a study last year, researchers found that writing about previous failures helped people to be less stressed when they encountered another difficult situation later on.

Do you find any of these to be true? What's your go to "I'm too stressed and need to chill" thing?